Dump Truck

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The dump truck backs up to the potty.
SLOP SLOP SLOP! Its fetid fecal goods are so grotty.

The pants are down and the metal pistons are up.
Soon the brown will be filling this porcelain cup.

The lumpy liquid swishes in the truck’s perimeter.
The runny parts rush out leaving just what is meatier.

Its horrendous caca-cargo gives off a rotten stink.
The sooner it’s all dumped the better I do think.

With a shake and a wiggle the fecal fragments fall.
Drooping slowly it cascades at a shitty snail’s crawl.

Oh, but it’s not done, here comes some more!
The chunky rubble rolls down like sick coleslaw.

This nasty rotting muck, the final hauled heap.
Begone I say! A bog no one wants to keep.

And then with an extra hard grunt and a groan.
The last remains of waste gone, now I dethrone.

Pure Pooetry

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