Defenders of The Doo

You think you’re safe, but little do you know.
You’ve got an evil rectum just about to blow!
The fearless defenders of poo and pee.
Will come to your rescue, you’ll see!
And forcibly remove that impending flow!

With their high powered vacuum sucking away.
Unannounced poops are too scared to play.
No more shall society wear the stains of disgrace!
The Defenders of Doo put evil bogs in their place!
Trapped in a vac bag with more brown clay!

They’ll cart it away, your sightly unseen.
However you’ll haveta wipe yourself clean.
They slump that sack over their shoulder.
“Folks, we’ve removed that evil brown boulder!”
Next time go easy on all that chow mein!

Pure Pooetry

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