Clash of The Titans

The Clash of The Titans happened on this day.
When I ventured to the throne to release my brown spray.

A browning so massive, of herculean pooportions.
It has left me bruised, battered, with testicular contortion.

The mass was so large, it had its own sense of gravity.
To ignore this beast, I would need extreme naivety.

The battle between taint and foe was coming to an end.
When the beast from the south took an unexpected bend.

A sudden shift in gravity caused a change in momentum.
As one could only call it, an extreme poo pendulum.

The beast swung north, straight into my grundle.
A last ditch effort before it made its final tumble.

This clash will not be easily forgotten, written down in the annals of history.
Poohaps one day, another will encounter this brown mystery.

Pure Pooetry

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