Bog and Turd’s Boggus Adventure

What seemed like a normal trip through time.
Has taken a turn for the worst, ending in fecal slime. 

Such fantastic ideas, pooetry for the masses.
Has been followed by sickos with hands in their asses.

An adventure of wonder, fun, joy and the like.
Not followed by fetish fans of shite.

Why can’t we go back to a simpler time?
When pooems were innocent and free of this scat crime.

A boggus adventure indeed for us pooets.
As only a couple of scat mongers really blew it.

Unfollow us I say, do not come around here no more.
These pooems are all class, no fantasies of poo porn.

Pooseppi, The Count and Shizhard write for civilised folk.
Not the fecal depraved, rubbing their poop with a stroke.

Simply put, flush away from our site.
No one wants to see you eating your shite.

Pure Pooetry

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