The Nazi Poolestation

There’s plenty of freaks in this world, but when I think of certain type it makes me want to hurl.

There are certain freaks who suck on turds, then cram them in bungholes and eat the curds.

These disgraceful people find it hot, to play and have sex with their rectal snot.

Now you’re seeing it and it makes you sick, just be careful cos these freaks will give it a lick.

It reminds me of a man named Adolf Shitler, a dastardly fellow who was a real schtickler.

He loved to play all day in bog, with juicy nuggets stuck in his gob.

He had dark brown hair with a lame moustache to boot, did I mention that he would jack off to poop?

If people like him still do exist, how can we write hilarious Pooetry and not slit our wrists?

It’s a disgrace that these freaks are even born, they don’t come from semen they come from corn.

Delicious morsels that have hilarious endings, those sweet yellow treats but freaks aren’t comprehending.

So to all the scatters I say beware, come near me and I’ll make you put on underwear.

You’re lucky I don’t pull out my knife, and cut your throat and end your life.

Murder ain’t nothing if it’s on a freak like you, we see you with gorillas while they throw their poo.

So leave you scatters get out of here and rush, to your nearest concentration camp so we can rid the world of you and flush.

Pure Pooetry

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