Unique Meal

I have an urge deep below, it’s most uneasy.
My bowels are rumbling, I’m feeling queasy.

I’ll rewind and tell you a quick tale.
Something that’s made my stomach frail.

Do you ever think how the human body is unique?
If you’ve never eaten this before, you’ll create a new stink.

That is the exact case with me this evening.
Meal was great, but later bowel was screaming.

Rightly so, unearthly were the waft of the remains.
I can’t imagine a smell worse from monkey brains.

So this foreign meal did me quite a number.
My rectum felt like it’d been hit by thunder.

But after some porcelain wrestling I got it out,
Though I was unaware there’d be a second bout.

And that brings us to the present situation,
Where I sit in this fecal extraction station.

Pure Pooetry

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