Triple Unloading: A Pooetry Collabpooration

This is a Pure Pooetry Collabpooration between Shizhard Wizard, Papa Poosepi and Count Dumpula

Here’s a triple unloading from the pooets one, two, three.
A chunkerful good time, mixed with some wee.
Triple deuces on the go, with free delivery.

Sign your name in brown for your free fecal sample.
Write in turd cursive to set a good example.
Or just Turds New Roman… whatever you deem ample.

Beware of imitators, their pooems are cheap and nasty.
Their rhymes so poor they taste like dried pasties.
But when Pure Pooetry’s involved, you’ll always stay classy.

But pasties and pooetry are two different things.
Though both result in making your anus sing.
You can tell them apart by the smells they bring.

Their aromas are different, one brings a tear to your eye.
And the other is a pastry kind of like a pie.
But unlike pooetry, it won’t attract flies!

Pure Pooetry

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