The Shit Abyss

Steve French is a fucking big cat.
A single shit would fill a hat.

Bubbles tries to keep him stoned.
Otherwise serious shit gets boned.

When the shit winds howl late at night.
And you’re trying to dump without a fright.

That’s when you reach for a quart of rum.
To help you blast that shit out ya bum.

Julian stashes vodka in his swimming pool.
But Ricky fucks shit up like a royal fool.

Randy and Ricky wrestle to the ground.
Lucky, not into a large fecal mound.

Jim Lahey is a drunk bastard and always will be.
He plants some shit seeds to grow into a shit tree.

He makes a plan with his shitty, drunken mind.
Never once thinking he should clean his behind.

Pure Pooetry

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