Atrocious Rhymes

Here I am thinkin’ my shit don’t stink.
But I’m automatically wipin’ before I think.

It’s been yonks since we’ve laid some brown rhymes.
It’s atrocious, disgusting, and filthy like crimes.

So here’s a quick drop before I hit the sack.
The kind when hearin’ you’ll think it’s whack.

I did this monster load unlike any in recent nights.
It was so hefty and potent it had it’s own rights.

I gave such a grunt expelling it from my lowers.
Such was the force it was felt by all the churchgoers.

And the smell, let me tell you that shit was rank!
Even the military called to advise me of the stank.

So I flushed that mutha off to be gone for goods.
Next dump like that will be far off in the woods.

Pure Pooetry

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