The Majestic Turd

Oh look at that majestic turd. That shimmering peanut studded log of human faeces.
Behold the semi digested corn pieces. The lentil peels protruding from this marvellous bog.
Can you see the flies buzzing around, perching and laying eggs on this shit?
I cast my eyes upon this amazing turd. The smell is rising up to paradise as the passers by cry out in disgust with much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
We revere this shitlog… this symbol of the moment of truth for every king and queen who has ever taken a seat upon the porcelain throne.
Let every man woman and child bow their heads and kneel before this gigantic shit… Praise this majestic peanut filled shitlog of truth…
By Guest Pooet, Yellowbeard.
Pure Pooetry

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