A Monstrous Atrocity

I’ve returned with another atrocious rhyme.
So here it drops now, a mass of oozing slime.

It endlessly snakes out and plunges into the water.
It’s enormous girth is a frightful rectal slaughter.

I fear the bowl will be left with a terrible stain.
It’s smeared brown and red, and, oh man the pain!

I clench my fists, gnash my teeth and close my eyes.
Oh lord above, please hear my soggy brown cries!

The worst is over and I sigh in relief.
Yet, my ass is feeling the horrible grief.

My knees tremble as I attempt to stand.
Reaching for the paper my legs feel like sand.

Wiping, I catch a glimpse of the devastation.
The bowl is filled with a mountain of defecation.

The porcelain cracks under the extreme weight.
And fairing no better is my poor stretched date.

I press the flush button and pray all goes well.
Alas, the bog floods out in a heinous swell.

Pure Pooetry

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