The Homerun

Two strikes down and the bases were loaded.
It was time for the porcelain to be eroded.

I could feel the pitcher warming up.
It felt like a mule kicking me in my gut.

With each cramp, my nerves grew faint.
But I needed the homerun for my taint.

So I came to the bowl and all eyes were on me.
I was ready to smash it out so I signalled with wee.

Then behold there came the pitch…
My deuce went flying and my eyes began to twitch.

The turd soared majestically through the air.
The crowd went wild without a care!

Then the turd landed with a thunderous crash!
Only more powerful was the tidal wave splash.

I ran to first base then second and third.
Was I about to win the world series of turd?

I continued to home and the game was won!
Then I flushed and left because the game was done.

Pure Pooetry

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