Making Milo

I assume the position to make some Milo.
I take the throne and begin the low flow.

Three huge tablespoons, out it is scooped.
The ratio is out by the amount I’ve pooped.

It’s time to stir, it needs to be well blended.
The consistency needs to be poofectly splendid.

I wiggle from side to side, gently rocking my cheeks.
But the air escapes and releases the reeks.

Poohaps I should have made Ovaltine or even Nesquik.
But only the genuine chocolate would do the trick.

There is also Bosco, the runny, gooey chocolatey syrup.
But it’s so sloppy the throne will need stirrups.

The mixing of such a heinous thick concoction.
Can cause an unstable volatile toxin.

I could get bucked off while trying to mix the goop.
When all I wanted is to make a liquid fecal poop.

Back to the Milo, I’m done with the mix.
Now to flush and get a chocolate fix.

Pure Pooetry

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