Magic, Pooetry

The Dangler Danger Troll

While finishing a healthy deposit.
I felt a sudden urge to vomit.

Something gross had smeared my balls.
They’re big, but don’t touch the bowl walls.

It was wet, cold and sickly.
Was it the mean toilet bowl pixie?

No, it was an annoying little ween.
It clung fast to my fleshy bean.

A disgusting dangling poo fluke.
It resembled a hideous cat puke.

It refused to drop into the water below.
A stubborn chunk of soggy dough.

So I gave a mighty heave.
But the taddler refused to leave.

I let out a grunt and a groan.
Even fractured my tailbone.

I attempted a vigorous wiggle.
Hoping to free the rancid squiggle.

I thought I was making progress.
As the dangler was in distress.

He’d stretched out a little longer.
But his grossness had become stronger.

Instead of bungee jumping to his demise,
He crawled back up to my thighs!

So beware, of the dangler danger troll.
Least he creeps back into your butthole!

Pure Pooetry

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