Coffee, Pooetry

The Crappachino

Thousands flocking for the new craze,
A new style of coffee sets the tongue ablaze,
A nutty robust flavour with brown foam,
Made by a man with an odd genome.

“One Mocha-orange-soy-latte please”,
“Here you go, please ignore the poo-cheese”,
Coffee goes in and coffee comes out,
His deformity caused by nuclear fallout.

The gift was found when he went for a squirt,
And the smell made him feel quite alert,
Tasting some that had splashed onto his elbow,
Surprisingly tasted like high quality espresso.

Now he squats in the back of a shop,
Filling peoples orders with a plop,
No-one knows of the special technique,
That their coffee is shat out by a freak.

By Guest Pooet, The Poorophet

Pure Pooetry

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