My Forgotten Shame

So… my upstairs toilet rarely gets used.
I guess I used it, I’d forgotten I’d pooed.

I discovered something horrendous just now.
Did someone or something do this? Maybe a cow?

No, the scent is too familiar, it must have been me.
I just used it, I was absolutely busting to pee.

It was an error, the murky brown fluid stirred wide awake.
Did it come alive? I could’ve sworn I saw a snake!

The mythical brown serpent has come for it’s revenge.
Why didn’t I flush! My crime it must now avenge!

The stench was otherworldly, I starred mesmerized.
I saw my shitty life swirling before my brown eyes.

This watery grave is more blood red than shit brown.
Good lord, whatever it was I’m sure it’s from out of town!

I’m fearing the worst, what if it climbs out?
Falling to my knees, “DON’T KILL ME!” I shout.

So close to the bowl, the aroma is terrifying.
But this closer inspection provides verifying.

I’ll quickly snap a picture to save for later.
Please don’t kill me, I am your creator!

I stand in a hurry, slam down the flush button.
Farewell foul beast, my forgotten brown mutton.

Pure Pooetry

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