The Secret of Poo Glory

Morning Glory hallelujah. I’m currently sitting on the pooper.

It’s tightly bound from wonderful caffeine. It’s 6 inches wide… well it seems.

A ruthless stretching and what feels like a crack. But for me there’s no turning back.

Bombs away! Lookout below!  My secret to amazing poo I’ll let you know.

One Redbull and a cup of coffee. That’s how you avoid all things sloppy.

There is no smell, no smell at all! I’m certain I felt all the poo fall.

Do I dare stand up and take a glance? I’m a little worried but I’ll take the chance.

In the bowl lies a mighty mound. A fecal mountain of rare compound.

I’d love to stay in the toilet but other things I must do. Like drink more caffeine and take another poo.

Pure Pooetry

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