Laying Easter Eggs

Woo! Easter time is here!
It’s our favourite time of year!
“Why?” We hear you ask.
Cos in chocolate we do bask.
Then lay eggs from our rear!

Such varied eggs we produce.
Some are runny just like mousse.
Others are chunky and strong.
But they smell so very wrong!
Cos they’re made of our poose!

We’ve quite the collection, you’ll agree.
Some are as pungent as old brie.
Multi coloured ones, brown and green.
And some are as tiny as a bean.
But too much and it floods into a slimy sea.

Watch me lay one on the spot.
Fresh chocolate eggs, steamy and hot.
Don’t fret, I hear your disappooving cries.
So here’s a wet Easter bunny surprise!
I delivered it myself through your mail slot.

Mass production is our new business.
Fresh chocolate eggs full of richness.
Some we bake in our Dutch oven.
You’ll want to buy a half dozen.
I’m the CEO of this brown sickness.

Pure Pooetry

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