Poosama bin Shartin

Poosama Bin Shartin was an ugly man who had many a terrorist plot.
He sure did stink and was quite mad storing up turd bombs to drop.

He hated the world because they teased him about the way he looked.
So shiny brown and very greasy like a sausage that was under cooked.

So then one day he’d had enough and decided to make them pay.
He looked through all of his bombs and chose the one that sprayed.

“I’ll make you all pay” he thought, “with acid rain from the sky.”
“if just one drop lands on you, a stinky death you shall die.”

So Poosama left with bomb in bowels intent on mass destruction.
He made his way to a porcelain building and prepared his prized construction.

He waited quietly in the place he chose for just the right time.
He wanted maximum casualties so slowly began to prime.

Then the time did arrive so he set off the bomb with his thigh.
And as the turds came raining down, Poosama was heard screaming, “Poolah Poo Bukwah” from the sky.

Pure Pooetry

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