Magic, Pooetry

Genie of Excrement

Sunday evening, I sat down to shit.
Something was amiss, my buttock was bit!

I jumped in pain and starred into the bowl.
Birthed, sat a brown genie, fresh from my hole!

Grinning sharp teeth, he began to speak.
“Delicious! Gimme some more cheek!”

Stunned I exclaimed, “What the dickens is this!?!”
He replied, “I came from the brown abyss!”

“I am the Genie of Excrement, from Dimension P!”
“Your rectum is a wormhole, it allowed me to be free!”

“I have three wishes for you, this is true.”
“Use them wisely, or I’ll turn you into poo!”

My mind darted, I thought what’ll I choose?
The genie cut in, “It must relate to brown ooze!”

After pondering for a bit I made up my mind.
“Genie, here’s what I’d like, please spare my behind.”

“Wish number one, never-ending toilet paper!”
With this, poo time will always be a fun caper!

“Number two, this throne turned into solid gold!”
Something shiny, truly impressive to behold.

The genie smiled “And for your third and final wish?”
“Don’t forget the clause, or you’ll be brown squish!”

My mind went blank! I was lost for words.
The wish flushed from my mind like turds.

Not realising it I uttered the word “Shit!”
Laughing, the genie said, “That’s the hit!”

A puff of brown smoke, my vision went dark.
Then suddenly pink light, it wasn’t so stark.

I fell into water, but this was murky and smelly.
All around me, a disgusting brown jelly.

Confused, I looked up and saw a giant weenie.
It dawned on me, “I’ve become a brown genie!”

Pure Pooetry

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