Brown Banishment

I’ve been a naughty brown genie.
I took a dump in my master’s beanie.

A shitty trial decided that I’d be exiled.
Sent from home, the galaxy I now roam.

My spaceship is made of pure bronze.
I make a living doing crappy cons.

I love to take space travellers by surprise.
Shit in their fuel tanks, laugh at their cries!

It’s true, I’m a nasty brown critter.
But trust me, I’m a master shitter.

No one can out-do my fecal conquests.
Not even Pure Pooetry’s Pooet Guests!

So here I am, banished for all eternity.
Maybe I’ll start a Fecal Fraternity!

But wait, my ship detects something!
No, it’s not a brown gas ring!

Some sort of inter-dimensional hole!
The centre is as dark as brown coal.

I’ll take chance, dive right inside.
Deep into the brown eyed hide.

Passing through this warp gate.
I can smell the stinking date.

Not a black hole, it’s brown and warm.
This passage takes on a very familiar form.

Suddenly I’m transported to a new place.
I land with a splash and shit on my face!

From above I spy a vicious pink creature.
It’s cyclopean brown eye opens and releases a screecher.

I’m not taking this shit from its crack…
I decide it’s time to bite back!

Pure Pooetry

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