Bustin’ Rhymes, Makin’ Grimes

Coming atcha wit another rhyme.
This filthy fecal stained like grime.

I’m all like, “man dis ass gotta blast.”
So I drop my dacks like super fast.

This horrendous ass crack.
Has got me talking smack.

I’m dropping loads lyrical.
Colon ain’t no clean miracle.

Pushin’ hard, veins pop and hurt.
But finally out oozes the dirt.

But I got much too gangsta.
To my ass I forgot to thank ya.

I think I hurt it’s feelings n shit.
Maybe rectum took a drive-by hit.

It needs a sling, I’ll be walkin’ funny for dayz.
That plus my swag n bling, it’s caca-craze.

Screw it, no one’s stoppin’ me from steppin’ out.
As I leave the dunny my butt blurts a shout.

I parade outta the cubical, struttin’.
Forgot to wipe, ahh shiz, it ain’t nuttin’.

Pure Pooetry

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