The Great Aussie Poo-per-que

I sent out the invitations to my Poo-per-que. As the date drew near I panicked and wondered what to do.

A lot of guests decided to come, so I really wanted my Poo-per-que to be fun.

I wondered what food would be best, then my friend, came all the stress.

There was a lot to do and figure out. I couldn’t think… my thoughts had to shout.

But then I decided on the poopoo platter. It came with dip called spicy scatter.

But just one platter would not be enough. I needed meat that wasn’t tough.

I chose pork plops with rectal sauce. But all of this was only first course.

For the main I chose tasty turd burgers. Because if my guests aren’t pleased they’ll have me murdered.

So the day finally arrived for my Poo-per-que. For dessert I made taint fondue.

The guests arrived one by one, ready for their day of fecal fun.

It was a brilliant day but we ran out of food. I wasn’t going to let that ruin the mood.

I told my guests I’ll get more food but they’d have to wait though, then I came back with a baked poo-tat-o.

Pure Pooetry

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