Motorbloat Mutation

I manage to force out a sputtering fart.
Like an old car that doesn’t wanna start.

This greasy engine roars into action.
Now the muck has some fecal traction.

We’re off to a start and begin to move.
Those behind clearly do not appoove.

My exhaust pipe is worn and leaky.
Ironically the brown trail is streaky.

Good thing I’m loaded with a full tank.
Too bad for others, the aroma is rank.

Shit! A crucial engine part just fell off.
Lumpy chunks dumped with a wet cough.

These fecal fumes are nothing short of stagnation.
My mechanical parts are a brown mutation.

Feels like the fuel injector has indigestion.
My bowels or the car? That’s the question.

Pure Pooetry

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