The Legend of Boggo Road

It was a cold, dark and dreary morning, I could feel deep down below something evil was spawning.

Like the things of nightmares that cause a fright, I could hear a growling coming from my shite.

I needed to find a loo post haste, otherwise a mess would seal my fate.

It was oh so dark so I took the lane, every step was causing me pain.

And with each step I forcefully clenched, and with those steps was an escaping stench.

Damn this trek down Boggo Road, I wished I was safe in my abode.

Then thunder and lightning began to crash, where oh where could my deluge splash.

This trek was intense to void my bowels, visibility was nil and there was hoo-ing of owls.

Suddenly arose a shadowy figure, my asses pressure could not have been bigger.

I staggered closer to the man, perhaps he knew where toilet was, so asking him was the plan.

In the blink of my brown eye the man had disappeared. Then in my pants something began to smear.

In the end Boggo Road had my plans all foiled. And sadly my pants were suddenly soiled.

Pure Pooetry

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