Jim “The Jackhammer” Jones

Jim “The Jackhammer” Jones.
Ate too many ice cream cones.
Then he got the runs.
Out from his buns.
And blew a hole in his tailbone.

Since that day he’s worn a nappy.
To catch the leaking brown crappy.
But some seeps through.
His pants filled with poo.
Just don’t give his backside a slappy.

His pants now stained with the brown.
Across his face sits a sad frown.
He tried to clean the rancid chud.
It only smeared the stinky mud.
And now he looks like an ass-clown.

Joined the circus to do what he loves.
Shitting pants and releasing the doves.
But his act was the opposite of a hit.
The violent audience had a shitfit.
Now as an angel he shits from above.

Pure Pooetry

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