Gloomy Brown Rain

It was a gloomy evening that I spied out my window,
Nothing but rain as my turtle head appeared below.

Street lamps flickered on and set a brooding mood,
The urge inside rose and soon I will have poo’d.

The soft sound of pitter-patter droplets filled my ears,
Soon I’d be filling the porcelain from my rears.

Sensation increasing I was now touching cloth,
My cheeks were rumbling with brown froth.

I got to the loo just in the nick of time,
My poo oozed forth leaving a stained grime.

Peace at last on this dark brown ambient evening,
I was at ease but the toilet bowl was grieving.

This pooem reminds me of a brown raven you once knew,
Well known by a famous pooet, Edgar Allan Poo.

Pure Pooetry

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