To all the evil doers, beware.
Doodieman will shit in your hair.
He has an endless supply of poop.
It’s a most foul, toxic soup.
And he blasts it without a care.

He’s the┬áhero when the world’s in need.
He won’t hear the bad guys plead.
He fires fecal on all cylinders.
Saving all the helpless villagers.
Now his bowels will need a big feed.

All that shit, where is it stowed?
No matter, it’s the hero’s payload.
His poo-powers are misunderstood.
No one thanks him like they should.
Cos cleanup sucks after he explodes.

This one is a tribute to Pure Pooetry’s hero, Doodieman. Created by Tom Winkler, the guy behind Check out the animated short, The Hero’s Load!

Pure Pooetry

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