The Curious Case of Papa Poosepi’s Ass

I’m still in awe of what just happened, let me tell you the story of me shattin’.

As per usual came a terrific log, then something eerie like an evening fog.

But fog it wasn’t, it was a spray, I was completely stumped is all I can say.

Never before have I logged and slopped, but I’m not finished, my story hasn’t stopped.

Explosive gas was then heard, you probably think this sounds absurd.

But my words are true I’ll have you know, and I’m not done yet there’s more to go.

The room grew silent and then came rain, as I sat I thought “not again.”

Solid and slop and tremendous gas, then more rain out of my ass?

This cannot be but strangely is, and wait there’s more that follows this.

Then a sausage that was perfectly cooked, I thought I better document this in my fecal book.

Last but not least one more eruption of gas, and here does end the curious case of Poosepi’s ass.

Pure Pooetry

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