A Great Tragedy

A great tragedy has advanced. I’m not talking about Paris or France, but about the brown atrocity in my pants.

It happened without any warning, like a bomb blast in the morning. Fecal like this causes grief and mourning.

The sudden impact and stench was a crime against humanity. For this I’ll surely lose my sanity. Crap, shit and piss, all part of it’s offensive poo-profanity.

My bowel is off for sentencing. Charged with war crimes, poo-punishment is unquestioning. The verdict is guilty, sloppy and menacing!

Retribution is carried out swiftly. Flushed down the S-bend quickly. A lifetime in the sewerage pipes so sickly.

No one threatens our way of life! Our fecal will is so rife! Don’t tread on my turds or there’ll be shitful strife!

Pure Pooetry

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