Volcanic Heat Load

The landscape was dry yet fertile.
Then came the head of the turtle.

It was sudden, urgent and not to be misjudged.
Bubbling inside, I was close to being fudged.

Finding safe ground, the eruption had arrived.
This volcanic heat load filthily had thrived.

Exploding with incredible heat and force.
My scolding anus pleaded for remorse.

Steam hissed and rose as the mass cooled below.
Perspiration formed on my cheeks in the red glow.

So hot, it felt like torrents of molten sludge.
A slow ooze that required that extra nudge.

The load was a stubborn piece of work.
Attempting to break it free I did a twerk.

I puckered up to urge the boiling mass out.
But my recoiling coight is no fountain spout.

Then the lumpy lava finally flowed free.
A smooth outpouring with no more debris.

With a final forceful blast the rancid end was in sight.
My ass hairs were singed and cheeks had turned white.

Pure Pooetry

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