The Poop Checklist

It’s a real bummer when taking the seat,
And to find the toilet roll is incomplete.

So review this list before your fecal feat.
And I poomise your poo time will be a treat!

Is the air pleasant and breathable?
Spray a fragrance to make life liveable.

Does the door lock, can you shit securely?
Intruders will make you dump prematurely.

Are there peepholes where pervs may spy?
Stuff soggy toilet paper right in their eye!

Before you even undo your pants,
Lift the lid and take a glance.

Did someone leave a stay pube?
How inconsiderate and totally rude.

Look at the seat, are there dribbles of wee?
This cubicle is tainted, be wise and flee!

Is the toilet water murky and brown?
Flush those leftovers right outta town.

And last butt not least, the final check…
The most important thing to inspect…

Is there more than enough toilet paper?
Without it, there’ll be no pooping caper!

Pure Pooetry

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