The Elusive Fart

Laying in bed I suddenly felt the urge.
A rumbling below, my gases set to purge.

I rolled over so not to blast at my spouse.
But the feeling now fleeting, nothing came oust.

Resuming sleep, I find my favourite position.
I’ll be on guard, I still have my intuition.

Without a warning the fart has returned! No time to react!
I hold my breath and keep my butt cheeks intact.

But it’s no use, I realise my blunder.
Hopefully she’s far deep in slumber.

This magical gas genie has no etiquette at all.
Rumbling loudly, awakening one and all.

With an angry grunt my missus gives me a hard knee to the bum.
I get up and head for the couch, just as the genie cries out “I’m not done!”

Pure Pooetry

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