Shapely and Beautiful

My poo comes out in all shapes and sizes.
If this was a competition, I’d win all the prizes.

This one is a perfect brown sphere,
When it came out I had to cheer.

And this one looks just like Aunt Maureen.
But I bet her colon isn’t this clean.

Now here’s a slimy, three dimensional hexagon.
It can’t be outdone, not even by Megatron.

Lastly, here’s one I prepared earlier.
I keep it in the oven so the stink is surlier.

It’s quite exquisite, as you can see.
Count it’s growths, not one, two, but three!

Ok I admit, it’s not a perfect work of art.
But birthing it I gave up all my heart.

It’s the kind of mutant bog only a parent could love.
So naturally when caressing it I wear a glove.

Like Geppetto in Pinocchio, I wish my boy was real.
He’d tell lies and squeeze out a fecal brown eel.

Pure Pooetry

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