I decided to build a mighty rocket,
Just around the corner of my pocket.

I started fueling it earlier in the week,
Cabbage, cheese, bacon, eggs, and leeks.

Though it required that extra boost,
The final ingredient: baked beans on toast.

My sights were set high,
I want to penetrate the sky!

The day for take off had come,
Downward I pointed my bum.

With a massive grunt I released the gas,
I light a match to ignite the mass.

With a thunderous boom the fuel explodes,
Such a force, the ground beneath corrodes!

My fists are clenched, unlike my cheeks,
Then the stench hits, this really reeks!

I open my eyes and look upward,
I’m soaring! Power of the turd!

I look back while I sail like a comet,
Launch-pad looks like someone bombed it.

A glistening trail of brown I leave in my wake,
The distinct smell of moldy old cake.

Then it hits me, how the hell will I safely get down?
I know! I’ll aim for the sewerage plant’s pool of brown!

Pure Pooetry

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