Papa Poosepi and The Long Weekend

It’s wonderful touching down with your cheeks…
After a long weekend eating 5kg of meat.

It started with a jumbo mix kebab…
Packed full of deliciousness I wanted to have.

Then came Sunday and the pressure and challenge was on.
A 2kg steak challenge which I struggled but won.

Then Monday came and I was hungry again.
So I went down to see Ali’s Kebabs… my friend.

Another jumbo kebab with chili and the lot.
My taste buds were pleased but my bowels were not.

So now here I am upon my throne…
And what I’ve just done is widely unknown.

Log by log each turd pushed it’s way through.
It was attached at the tip, I swear it’s true.

Try to envision it, what do you see?
Is it a fruit freshly picked from a tree?

If yes, you’re right, keep following your hunch.
What was waiting in the bowl were bananas in a bunch.

Pure Pooetry

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