Did I Just Dog Doo?

Dog shit is horrid and has a very distinct aroma.
The kind of scent that could put you in a coma.

They can be sneaky landmines, waiting for weeks.
Then stepped in they take effect releasing the reeks.

But now I’m dropping a nugget or two on the porcelain throne.
When suddenly an ungodly scent upward to my nostrils is blown.

Why does this dumping of poo smell like dog shit?
I check my shoes, I didn’t take a landmine hit.

I haven’t been eating dog food, we can tick that one off.
And my poo flows out normally when I give a loud cough.

This mystery smell is one hell of a bamboozle bog.
I’m gonna need extra help to solve this curious sog.

I know a special guy who could help this shitty situation.
A private brown eye who specialises in bowel gyrations.

So I give John Hazel a call, the gumshoe of poo.
Only he has the nose to solve this mystery dog doo.

Pure Pooetry

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