Brown and Gold

Tell ya what, being a guy is all class,
Yes girls, I know we can be crass.

But there are some positives, you shall see,
Such as when we go to take a pee!

Standing while aiming into the bowl,
We give ourselves a brown target, a goal!

Clinging to porcelain, some turds hold fast,
Just looking at them makes us feel aghast.

Chunks of shit left on the rim,
We could use the brush, but that’s grim.

Instead we’d rather blast our liquid gold,
If we aim true, we hit the brown goal.

Enough force will wash away the poo,
It’s better than using the product Toilet Blue.

Watch as the turds slowly erode away,
Shit fiends die by my golden laser ray!

Who needs to get down on hands and knee?
Not us, not when we have the power of pee!

Pure Pooetry

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