A Real Banger

Ready to dunk the donut of disgrace.
Clench your fists and pull a mean face.

Grit your teeth and shake with anger.
The shit explodes out, it’s a real banger.

The porcelain is cracked and beyond repair.
On your buttocks are many a singed hair.

Stained are your cheeks and the bowl.
A mighty weapon is your rectal hole.

Old school cannons cannot compare.
To the firepower of your anal flare.

And the stink, it is beyond description.
I’ll just say it’s a wretched condition.

Gassy fumes galore, it’s difficult to breathe.
All cos you gave an almighty rectal heave.

Time to scamper and flee the scene.
Best hide the smell, as if you’d never been.

Light a match to clear the stinky room.
But the fumes were flammable! KA-BOOM!

Pure Pooetry

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