A Big Whiff

This is much like an old wives tale,
It’s the secret of how to inhale…

To get the maximum whiff of a fresh dump,
It doesn’t even require a huge fecal pump.

You need not eat a copious amount of food,
Just do your regular shit, let’s say you pooed.

The secret is simple, you’ll soon see.
But the results will make you wanna flee.

This technique increases the scent of your load.
You’ll think it’s time to find a new abode.

You just take your normal shit, like anyone would.
Then tilt your head back, inhale the baked goods.

The angle of nostril must trigger something in the brain.
You’ll think someone’s let loose the brown rain.

The potency of the smell becomes more than ten-fold.
By the power of brown-skull, off your throne you’ll be bowled!

Pure Pooetry

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