Xmas Mess 2016

This Christmas ham has long since expired.
Where on Earth was this foul meat acquired?

It leaves a stain on my empty plate.
And sealed forever is my fecal fate.

My bowels rumbling, churning askew.
Sickening feeling, anus needs to spew.

This turkey is slimy and rotten.
I wish it were long forgotten.

I’m picturing a big mean angry bird.
Now it exists as a soggy brown turd.

It’s mass within is a wretched mixture.
No match will be the plumbing fixture.

This greasy chicken from Hell.
Has caused a heinous smell.

No sooner had the food gone in.
Than I needed to unload the sin.

So to the latrines I deliver with haste.
And I expel this awful Christmas paste.

Pure Pooetry

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