William Taintsmear

Long ago lived William Taintsmear.
A master of writing and bringing cheer.

He entertained the masses and loved the arts…
But for years he hid his true love of farts.

This Bard of Avon knew he was destined to please…
But hesitant of his writings of ones, twos and threes.

So he wrote a play and snuck in a distasteful rhyme.
The crowds applauded and everything was fine.

This began Taintsmear’s truest calling.
He kept a notepad in his toilet for writing and drawing.

And in that toilet, he penned his finest works…
Romeo and Pooliet and The Butthole That Twerked.

The crowds adored him and screamed for more.
So Taintsmear got back to work with pants on the floor.

He took a whopper and wrote a pooem called Macbeth.
It was about a whopper which stunk like Macdeath.

The people loved it, it was a huge success.
Now in terms of Pooetry, he’s regarded as the best.




Pure Pooetry

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