Victory at Last

I got comfortable on the loo…
And with a gentle push began to poo.

There was a turtle head that started to peer.
Then got stuck and jammed my rear.

How was my poo going to escape?
How was I going to void the waste?

A slow rocking from front to back.
Might release the pressure from my crack.

But nothing happened, it didn’t work!
So I slightly rose and began to twerk.

Success was had, but it stopped half way.
A cork must be keeping things at bay.

Another twerk but this time it failed…
How was I to rid the fecal junk mail?

Another gentle rocking but side to side…
To make my deuce keen to take a slide.

Slow and steady this plan I did win.
I spent 15 minutes rocking with a pooey grin.

Pure Pooetry

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