Top Deck Surprise

You take a dump as you normally would.
But there’s a scent of something not so good.

You checked and the stink is not your own.
Someone has added to this unbeknown.

Yet the toilet was clean and seemed to be flushed.
You double guess yourself, were you in a rush?

The stench has grown potent and is now intense.
How much longer can you bear this offence?

You’re still pooping but you are forced to quit.
No longer is this a safe place to shit.

This stench is intolerable and out of your hands.
Could it be someone made evil plans?

Could it be a prank, something disgusting and rank?
Do you dare to inspect what’s in the top tank?

You must look there’s no question about it.
You abandon the porcelain and dismount it.

Lifting the lid you are immediately filled with regret.
In the upper compartment lies the dreaded top deck threat!

Pure Pooetry

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