The Shatting

Believe it or not folks, this one dates back to December 2009!

The Scat Man comeths. Though, let it be knowst to one and allst, his comingeths are neither pleasant or calming. When doest The Scat Man scats, all the cats scram from their alley homes and cry in the distance for shelter. The hounds do howl in horror. All creatures of nature’s beautifulness flee the scene…

Grunts, groans, moans and mroans, AND even mrunts are heard across the land. The bellowing sonic, resounding sound is inescapable to all who have the c(r)apacity to hear. And soon their noses will signal the onslaught. The Scat Man has unleashed torrents of scatecus mattecus matter into the world. Thou hast no safety nor dry cave to hide within. Brown. Brown everywhere. Oh god, the browness of it all!

The Scat Man is neither evil or malice. The Scat Man does not have intentions of impure thoughts. He never wishes brown bodily harm upon another. However, and well hidden from all, The Scat Man’s buttocks are not lifeless! They seek to drown the world in foul fecal!

Pure Pooetry

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