The San Churro Chocolate Strangler

On All Hallows’ Eve, the clock struck twelve.
Into the toilet bowl, this story does delve.

In The San Churro toilets, the fiend did lurk.
Sitting and waiting to extrude a brown gurk.

"Time to strike!" said The Chocolate Strangler.
Then he released a grotesque slimy banger.

But it only poked halfway out of his hole.
Like a filthy little burrowing brown mole.

Then with malicious and evil intent…
He clenched tightly, the mole was bent!

Then severed violently it broke in twain.
The mole squealed out in tremendous pain.

Laughing, The Strangler began oozing again.
Plotting his victims, two all the way to ten.

He thought about his next bog beheading…
Cackling, his cheeks began spreading.

But his laughs and butt-cackles alerted the staff.
They burst in and shouted, "Stop that fecal barf!"

Pure Pooetry

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