The Ripsnorter

Rumor had it the toilets were occupied. I really had to go but couldn’t so I almost cried.

My chud was percolating like coffee beans in a pot. Such high pressure was molding my rectal snot.

I got the word the cubicles were free. My cheeks touched down and I started to wee.

The wee was the excess of the percolation. Then came my time of concentration.

My brow did sweat and then a chud did crown. It started to flow and continued down.

Impact was made in water. My chud was free then came a ripsnorter.

My pungent gas filled the air. My chud was over cooked but I didn’t care.

I discarded my chud and sent it away. Its in a better place now that’s all I can say.

Pure Pooetry

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