The Problematic Dangler

I went to poop and felt enormous pain…
This poop was too large to enter the porce-lain.

Tremendous in girth like a cedar log.
I was struggling to pass the dense bog.

Could my anus stand the test?
Or would it be torn to a bloody mess?

As the poop began to slowly sluice…
I let out a yell like a dying moose!

I couldn’t take it, the pain was too much!
It caused a new problem the deuce was now stuck!

With pain levels soaring and a dangling turd…
I needed a new plan… the best I’d never heard.

I envisioned the poop falling free…
But my poop still hung as solid as a tree.

Then I envisioned the poop bungee jumping…
But still, it held on with serious clumping.

Sitting there a defeated man of undeniable class.
Stuck on the toilet with turd dangling out his ass.

Pure Pooetry

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