The Poo Dilemma

I sat my cheeks on the throne…
As my stomach began to groan.

Yep… I made it. Just in time!
My poo erupted and woosh went the slime.

But that’s not all I’m in great trouble.
My sisters in the shower do I dare burst her bubble?

If I flush while she bathes.
She’ll make me remember it for many days.

So here I am sitting on the toilet.
A little bit scared this has really spoiled it.

The smell is so bad I cannot bare…
All while my sisterĀ is showering… without a care.

What if another needs to go?
You’re probably thinking this is quite the show.

I kid you not I have no clue!
Flush and regret? Or stay with my poo?

Pure Pooetry

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