The Fecal Dungeon of Doom

Struggling with the girth of a ghastly behemoth.
I pushed and pushed and began to screamoth.

What was inside refused to budge.
It wouldn’t move an inch not even a nudge.

Then I began to rock side to side.
Leveraging the beast from my hide.

Suddenly there poked a head!
Like a turtle’s, but it smelled dead.

The smell of death quickly consumed the room.
I was now locked inside a fecal dungeon of doom.

I needed to vanquish the hideous gas.
But the source was stuck inside my ass!

So now I tried to rock from back to front.
But by this stage, I was about to munt.

Now the pressure had really began to build.
The mere thought of unloading had me thrilled.

I pushed and gave a guttural howl.
I blasted the fecal out from my bowel.

Friends…this turd has changed me, what more can I say?
Honestly, I never want to see a toilet again… at least for today.

Pure Pooetry

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